Drone and ground inspection services

for solar assets

We are the Midwestern leader of responsive, reliable solar panel siting and inspections. Our direct-to-client services save up to 30% over pilot networks.


Solar Inspect provides O&M insights for nearly 500MW of solar assets – and growing. We are a certified TG/ED company and a 

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE).


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Siting and permitting

 Our personnel are certified GIS, CAD, LiDAR, and environmental specialists. We help companies assess, plan, and construct solar PV installations. 

Design and construction data becomes the backbone of data, reports and geospatial asset management solutions.

We bring responsive, reliable, insightful, and scalable information to solar O&M.


Solar Inspect works directly with clients to deliver results tailored to their needs. 

  • Commercial rooftops

  • Campuses

  • Community Solar Gardens (CSGs)

  • Utility-scale Solar Farms

Online solutions 


From rooftop arrays to multi-state portfolios, we offer secure mobile and

web platforms that maximize O&M 

efficiency and minimize costs.

Three software options provide clients overview, standard and comprehensive report features and price points. These solutions are being used worldwide. 

Inspection choices



Three options for thermal inspection detail,  delivered in standard web map and report formats.  The most common U.S. solution.


A simple and powerful platform combining still image and video. Excellent for regular high-level inspections, and for sharing information with teams on the ground and in the office.



The global gold standard in solar PV asset management, with options ranging from pinpoint defect reporting to comprehensive site management. 

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Timely, trustworthy, actionable insights

from a firm with over 100 years of geospatial experience. 

We're changing the landscape of solar inspections. 


As the solar-specific division of SC Recon Geospatial, we fly extensively, are adept in all aspects of spatial data, and are scaled to meet the demands of the Midwest's largest renewable energy clients. 


Solar Inspect provides more insightful deliverables, 

more responsive service, more options for data management, and better pricing than pilot networks. 

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